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Settle It - Having the Spirit of Giving (Part 3)

There’s a story told of a poor young mother who goes to a church where they have regular church picnics. As they gather for dinner on the ground (spread out sumptuously over picnic blankets), the young woman feels somewhat awkward because all she can afford to bring is some very plain, simple sandwiches with scarcely any meat on them. As she was unpacking her basket one of the ladies in the church approached her and asked if she would be willing to combine their baskets and share what they each had brought. The old woman told her that she had seen her sandwiches and a sandwich just sounded good right then. She just had to have a sandwich. The young woman felt unsure but agreed to it. Imagine her surprise as the older woman brought out piles of fried chicken, homemade pickles, potato salad and a couple of fresh pies.

As they sat there that day eating and enjoying each other’s company, the young woman silently thanked God for the events of the day. After feeding fully on all that was set before her she finally turned to the older woman and said “I’m really thankful for today. It wouldn’t have been the same if, by coincidence, you hadn’t had a hunger for that sandwich.” Smiling warmly the young woman’s new friend replied, “Honey, I’ve got a confession to make. Although I enjoyed you sharing with me, It wasn’t that I needed your sandwiches. I knew that you needed my chicken.”

I know that a lot of people hear about tithing and giving and their initial gut reaction is that someone is up to something. Although they sense that ‘God is Good’ they can’t help but feel that He’s working an angle. News Flash: He IS. Because He LOVES You, He wants to provide for you but He wants to do it in a way that relieves you of any embarrassment due to how little you can bring to the table.

Through tithes and offerings we are invited to combine resources with the creator of the universe and He does it knowing that it will be the most lop-sided arrangement in history. Think of it this way: If Bill Gates offered to be a partner that backed all of your financial dealings would you even think of turning him down? Then why are we hesitant to partner with God?

Tithes and Offerings: Settle It

(You NEED His chicken)

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