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Sacrifical Giving

The scripture of the widow’s mite in Luke 21:2 is a great example but didn’t fit what our pastor was asking us to do. He asked each of us to give a $5 extra gift each Sunday for a month but only if it was a sacrifice. I could well afford the 5 dollars but would it be a sacrifice? So, after praying for God to show me, I was out shopping and I saw the prettiest yellow pajamas. I began to really, really want them and I nearly put them in my shopping cart, then, Uh ok – a tug in my spirit!!

O.K. Lord, I hear you. It was super hard to not buy those gorgeous pajamas. I think I had a tear in my eye as I walked away, ha! But God—I didn’t remember the rest of the month but I can still see them and I just smile and give God thanks for the lesson and yes! I have been rewarded since then. The greatest reward was pleasing God by being obedient.

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