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What is God's Love?

“God loves you!” We hear people tell us all the time how much God loves us and how great and wonderful God’s love is. But what does God’s love look like to you? How much does He love us and how can we use His love in our everyday lives through joy, hardships, happiness, and tribulations?

Here’s some facts:

The word LOVE appears in the Bible (NIV) 551 times and the Definition of love-according to google-is an intense feeling of deep affection.

What does God’s love mean to me? God’s love is my comfort, my strength. It gives me peace to know how much God loves me. I don’t, and may never, know exactly just how much He loves me but through faith and the things He does for me, that is enough evidence for me. One of the biggest things that help me understand how much God loves me is the fact that He sent His only Son to die for our sins John 3:16.

How does God show is His love? I believe Romans 5:8 explains it very well to us, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners Christ died for us.” It also says in Romans 5 that our hope is not put to shame, because of God’s love that has poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. So, God has already given us His love-poured out into us- with the Holy Spirit for us to have and to be with us. He gives us this love to have as our own and to share with others. God is with us wherever we go no matter what, He is there for you, and like my buddy Wyatt would say, “God sticks closer than a brother.” God loves you He’s here for you. When you ask Him and have Him in your life you have access to His love. Remember God is the one who created you and made you, He put you here on this earth for a purpose. Let Him lead your life and love so you can love others.

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