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Like a Child

I made my daughter's birthday cake and I had this perfect picture in my head. It was going to be amazing. I bought all the piping bags, the pans, a Barbie. I cooked them cut the cake pieces to Set the 4 circle cakes on top of each other. As soon as I set one on top of another they shifted and crumbled. I got it all iced and put together on top. Finally comes the Barbie in the middle I put it in there and it leans and it cracks.

Oh my goodness was I mad, I tried to get the icing to hold and it just kept crumbling and I got madder. I just wanted to go to my room and cry. I wanted the frustration to be over. Then here comes the birthday girl. She hears my grumbling which upsets me more. I don’t want anyone to say a word about how it should look. But...she looks at the cake all the pieces falling off, cake pieces mixed with icing and looks at me and smiles. She says mommy it's perfect! At that moment, I realized how many times as an adult do we do this?

Does the Bible not say come to me as a child? Does he not see us for who we are and love every little smile, triumph and best try? I know I love my kids for all those things and more and I know he loves us even more than that. Oh my, let me tell you I felt an inch tall and I just hugged my daughter and said I love you and I'm sorry for griping. This is a changing moment. Even to our kids we must humble ourselves and apologize. That is a big trust with me and my kids. If I'm wrong I have to apologize because I expect the same out of them. I have to humble myself and know I am just as much accountable as they are, so in this I can become like a child. God will skirt us away from danger and he will scold us when we need it. And truth be told I have begun to find comfort in my scolding’s, because I know God loves me enough to change me and to raise me up to be a better "child" of God for my children. So, in this ask yourself, are you humbling yourself to God? To others? Are you living in that child-like state to be humbled and used by God?

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