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Raising the Bar

As an athlete, it’s always the dream of each athlete to be the best on the team and to win a championship or a title. Very few athletes ever figure out the impact that could be made by simply making those around you better. The influence on those around you can lead to your own personal success and that of your team.

One of the arguments for Micheal Jordan being the best basketball player of all time is not just because of his personal talent (which was really good!) but more for his ability to make those around him better which led to numerous championships and titles.

As Christians we are all on the same team and working toward the same goal. We should also spend a lot of time working to make ourselves the best we can be on God’s team. How much time do we devote to helping those on God’s team better?

Take time to invest in those around you. Give encouraging words, lend a helping hand, and share words of wisdom. There are so many ways we can lift up and help those on our team be best they can be to grow the kingdom!

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