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A Lost Book Part 2

Books aren’t as important in society today as they once were. They have been replaced with phones, tables and verses on screen for the congregation to see. When I was young, I received a New Testament as a gift while attending a secular school. I still have it today. I was taught the importance of God’s Word from my grandmother even though she didn’t read it. She had a rule, don’t sit anything on the Bible or cover it up. I thought that was a silly rule especially since we never read it. It wasn’t until I started attending Sunday School that I realized the value of God’s Word. I was even rewarded with a star when I brought it class. That is when I started to carry it.

We talked yesterday about the lost book found in the restoration of the temple during King Josiah’s reign. I had a second question come to mind when I was reading this passage. The second question involved how King Josiah responded to the book. His father wasn’t a good man and the Bible has not kind words about his grandfather either. So, why was King Josiah concerned about the repairs to the temple; why did he tear his clothes and weep? Why ask for confirmation from Huldah? And then he is told that he will not see this “wrath” while he is king, why did he begin to “clean house” starting with the temple, the priests, etc.

King Josiah had the book read to the people “both small and great” and made a covenant with God. We do the same thing. We come to know the Lord and His Book. We want to know more so we seek out a church, a preacher or a friend that is “religious”. We reach out because we discover our need for a relationship with the Creator. We finally find what fills the “void” we have in our lives. We begin to pray, to study the Word, go to church and the Lord hears us just as He heard he great King of Judah.

God saw his actions and saw his heart. We serve the same God. Outward deeds are good and if you love Jesus then good deeds go with our faith. God saw Josiah’s hart break when the “lost book” was read to him. How about you? Is your heart broken when you read the same book and see evil in the world today?

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