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Out of the Mouth of Babes

“Hey Papa, Can I ask you and Nana a question?” “ Sure baby, what is it?” “ Well, I’ve been thinking. Why do people choose to listen to that stinkin rotten devil? He ain’t no good. The stuff he tells them to do just makes them sick and broke and they end up in jail or maybe even go to hell. Why, he ain’t ever saved no one! He ain’t ever had an idea that saved even one person. He’s just no good. But think how many Jesus has saved. He lives in my heart and he loves me. There’s no telling how many He’s saved. Why do people choose the devil over Jesus? It just don’t make no sense.”

“Well Hallie, do you always like to do what your mom and dad tell you to do?” “Nope!” “Well, even grown up adult people don’t like to be told no. You see, God not only tells us good stuff to do, he also tells us no on bad stuff.” “You mean people would rather go to hell than have God tell them to stop being naughty? What it comes down to Nana and Papa is that people need to know that they are the ones that have the choice. God loves them and always will. The devil hates them and always will. But they gotta make the choice who to listen to. It seems to me guys that this is a really easy choice. I love God. He lives in my heart and I guess my job is to tell my friends how to make the good choice.”

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