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My Time Here on Earth

Always Been Eternity


My Time on Earth

Pastor Sam used this example sometime back and a couple of times since. All we have in this little bubble of time is “now” to live our lives in service to Him. It impacted me then and God has reminded me of it quite often.

A few months ago, I ran away for 5 days. I was struggling with a whole bunch of things and I just needed some “me and Jesus” time to work some things out. Early in the morning I would sit on the deck and enjoy nature and the quiet. I took a song book, a Bible and a notebook. I would sing a hymn or two, no one heard me but God and the birds! I read a little and wrote a whole lot! I wrote and wrote. Then in the notebook, I made a lit with two columns. One for things I was “OK” with and one column for things I was “Not OK” with. My frustration came out and my “OK” list had 2 lines and the “Not OK” list was a page and a half. Something was wrong here, so I wrote. I wrote letters to Jesus. The Holy Spirit jumped in here and there but I pushed him back. I wanted to be mad.

Finally, the Holy Spirit trumped “my mad” and kept showing me the example above. It was then that I got me out of the way and let him show me and question me on the lists. What was really important on my grump list and what was not? So, I rewrote my lists and they began to be more even. As I went through why this or that was so important…..I realized they weren’t. I knew it was just my attitude that needed adjusting. By the end of my time “away”, the two lists shifted.

Do I think correctly all the time now? No, but I do take the time to see Pastor Sam’s example and make much better decisions.

Thank you Jesus and Pastor Sam!

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