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How Would You Look at the Path in Front of You?

While watching “The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring,” the closing scene made me ask “How would you look at the path in front of you?” Up to this point the main character, Frodo, has inherited a powerful ring, a ring of darkness. He goes on a quest to destroy this ring along with eight companions. One of these companions is Frodo’s best friend, Sam. Both Frodo and Sam have been separated from their companions. As the movie ends the two are standing on a cliff looking at the treacherous landscape ahead of them and the mountains they have to cross in order to get to the volcano off in the distance. The volcano is their destination, because the lava from the volcano is the only thing hot enough to destroy the ring.

At this point Frodo says to Sam, “I guess we wouldn’t even see them again.” Frodo is referring to their companions. Sam replies, “We may.” Frodo has already given up all hope of surviving the dangerous path ahead of them or even seeing his friends, family, or companions ever again. Sam on the other hand is optimistic about their chances of surviving. Throughout the next two movies Sam will always be the one looking forward to going home and what they will do when they get back. Frodo never talks about going home; he believes he’s on a one way journey. He believes there is no way he is going home. They both survive and go home. While on their quest, Sam has found courage and after getting home, he asks the girl he likes on a date. He ends up marrying her too.

When we stand on the mountains in our lives and look out at the troubles, pains, and dangers that are in our paths, are we like Frodo or Sam? Are we like Frodo and see no hope and give up or are we like Sam and see the light at the end and are going to be stronger because of the journey.

We are going to face many mountains, lots of trouble, tons of pain, and even face dangers in our lives. We can survive them if we put our faith in God and Jesus. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” At the end of our mountains, troubles, pains, and dangers are light, strength, joy, and happiness.

If you are like Frodo, and give up then you need to spend some time with God asking for a heart like Sam. We need a heart that sees the peace and light at the end of any problem that you are going to face. We need to look at our problems as if they are going to strengthen us and to ask God for help.

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