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An Appointed time

To start this devotion, I am encouraging you to take time and read 1 Kings chapters 18-19. There is a lot that takes place and the Lord shows his power in a powerful way.

There was a drought in the land and Elijah is coming to tell the people that the Lord is sending rain, but first we see where Elijah had to put things in order. Jezebel had brought in the worship of false prophets and Israel had started worshipping baal and asherah.

So Elijah called all the people to Mt Carmel and all of the false prophets and issued the challenge, who had the power to send fire down from heaven. God demonstrated his mighty power and fire came down from heaven. Then Elijah killed all of the false prophets. Now I have skimmed over this so be sure to read it. Then God brought rain just like Elijah had said, so Elijah told Ahab to hitch up his chariot and headed to Jezreel. Then the power of the Lord came upon Elijah and he out ran the chariot all of the way to Jezreel.

Here in chapter 19 is where we learn about an appointed time. Upon hearing all that Elijah had done Jezebel sent a message to Elijah and said that she was going to kill him just like he had killed all the prophets of baal.

Then Elijah fled because he was afraid. Just to put my two cents in if I had just called fire down from heaven. Killed eight hundred and fifty false prophets, and then God sent rain to end a drought… Then out running a chariot. I thought why didn't he set his bullseye on Jezebel. Then I realized it wasn't the appointed time that God had set for her. God had something else for Elijah and Elijah knew God had not released him to kill Jezebel. God had better things for him to do. He was to anoint Hazael king over Aram. Also, Jehu King over Israel and to anoint Elisha to be the next prophet.

We are to be zealous for the Lord but also we are to be obedient to his will.

When God tells us to call fire down we are to do it, but we are not to engage in our own wishes. Listen for the gentle whisper of God. God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts and his ways are higher than our ways. It is His appointed time not ours. Elijah knew God had not released him to engage Jezebel because if he had Elijah would have killed her with the same power that God had just demonstrated.

Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to him. Psalms 128:1

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