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A Light

Growing up in South Florida we lived in the lightning capital of the world. Scientifically these bolts of light are highly charged particles making their way across the sky. In the darkest of storms they can provide so much light its blinding. Of course, after the lightning you hear the thunder and it lets you know that something beautiful and powerful just happened. It wasn't until I moved to Branson that I hear rolling thunder. The echo of the thunder sound reverberating causing it to be heard long after and far from the lightning.

As Christians, we're always challenged to be light in the darkness, to be like the city on a hill casting our light far and wide. Some get to live a life where they are like a lighthouse steady and consistent. A strong light guiding many safety into the loving arms of the Lord. Others are like lightning bolts they come across the sky quickly but just light up everything around them so intensely its blinding. Not only do they light up the sky but once that light is gone there's thunder...

Live your life in the hopes that you will be a strong steady long lasting lighthouse but so intensely that you'll leave the impact of a lightning bolt with rolling thunder.

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden." Matthew 5:14

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