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Off the Grid

I enjoy watching a television program called “Building off the Grid”. The people who do this usually settle in an area of great beauty, isolation and a place for their favorite activity. It might be mountain climbing, dirt bikes, fishing and hunting, skiers; it is a place to disconnect with civilization as much as possible. It might be a weekend lodge, a vacation retreat or a new home. Off the grid means solar panels, wood stoves, compost toilets, rainwater barrels and outdoor showers. No modern conveniences and some builders do it eco-friendly.

When I think about the value of prayer I think “off grid” would be something God would approve! We need a time/place where we shut everything out so that we can center our attention on the God we serve. We all need to hear the Holy Spirit. Scripture tells us that He wants our full attention. I know as a former teacher/supervisor that I hated it when I was telling somebody something and their heads were elsewhere. They were looking out a window, had a pair of earplugs in their ears or just itching to grab up that cell phone! Let’s face the truth, our modern life is not conducive to private prayer. People are on the go from morn to night; there are phone calls all the time, e-mail, voice mail, doorbells, pets that need attention plus most families having two working parents. People have all that stuff to do and not counting the attention to spouse/child, in-law, business, washing and cooking etc. A Pastor’s wife wrote, “if I waited until I had the time to draw aside and pray, I doubt I would ever pray. So, I have to make the time for private prayer- just me and the Father.”

If we want to see a mighty move of God, then it will call for sacrifice on our part. If you need someone to pattern yourself after, try Jesus. He sought out places to pray without crowds, even His disciples. We read, Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray; He went to the mountainside to pray, and spend the night in prayer to His Father. He instructed His disciples, “when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.”

If you want to see God move in your life, your family, church, nation then “get off grid” daily. Don’t take your phone, ipad, etc. to the altar. Trust God with that time! We all must detach ourselves from outward distractions. The Pastor’s wife said she had to make time-she planned for her encounter with God; she came expecting to hear from Him and she left with a peaceful heart. My aunt would tell me, “if you want something bad enough then you will find a way.” You might have to sacrifice some sleep, a meal but it is important to God to have that time with you. Did He not come to the Garden to walk with Adam and Eve?

You Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. Matthew 6:18

Find that place and that time and then commit to it-off grid! Trust God to be there and people always leaves messages /or call back!

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