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A while back, I had the joy of taking the youth to the Snow Flex on Wolfe Mountain. If you are not familiar with it, it is a giant hill with synthetic turf to create a snow tubing experience without the snow. It is quite the thrill to slide down the side of an Ozark Mountain on a tube. But as we were out enjoying ourselves, I made a very unique observation. At the bottom of the hill, there is a conveyer belt type machine that moves you to the top of the mountain with no effort on your part. Once on the top of the hill, one small push takes you off the edge of the platform and before you know it and way faster than you climbed the hill you find yourself at the bottom starring back up at the top. As the youth reached the bottom and came to a stop, it was a mad dash to get back over to that belt and climb or “ride” to the top again.

How many times do we work so hard to get to the top of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Only to have one small decision seem to make us slide all the way down to the lowest of lows. Jesus has sent us the Holy Spirit to comfort us and be there for us in those times of need. He is like the conveyer belt that can carry us back to top of those mountains of life. The question is, how much enthusiasm are we putting into getting back to the conveyer belt when we hit the lows of life?

Are you like the you kids at the Snow Flex who ran as fast as they could to get back to the top? Or are you taking your time and taking it slow? Some say tomorrow is not promised for us, but I disagree. Maybe here on earth, but a tomorrow with my Heavenly father is promised and I want to make sure I don’t waste a minute of my life drawing nearer to him and growing in my relationship with him. So just remember, When you seem to slide into the lows of life run with enthusiasm back into the arms of the Father!

Be Blessed

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