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Salt Life

Do you ever feel that there is a line between the real experience with God and what you’ve thought it up to be? In this scenario, you are salt. When you are not in the salt shaker you are a lukewarm Christian, a sinner, someone with fear and secrets. When you are inside of the salt shaker you are with no fear or secrets. When you are inside of the salt shaker you have no confessions. You have been used. There is a boundary between the two.

The glass is your boundary, the imaginary line you’ve drawn for yourself. You are aware of all of your possibilities, yet you are outside thinking what you could you do to be used. Now you see, the others around you, they are holding you back. You become this clump of salt without boundaries. Unusable. So, you thought, are never unusable. God can put the hard clump back in the salt shaker and you are banged on the table. You’ve broke free from your temptations. You are being used. God saw you and put something in your life and made something better.

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