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Who Will Be in Heaven Because of Us!

When we become a follower of Christ, God fills us with His Holy Spirit. The proof of the Holy Spirit in us is not some emotional experience. The proof that we have God’s Spirit in us is if we are going. Are we telling anybody about the Good News?

Jesus said in Luke 9:60, “Let the dead bury their own dead. You go and proclaim the Kingdom of God.”

What in the world does he mean by that statement? It sounds pretty harsh. But what he’s saying here is that we need to be indispensable. There are some jobs in life that anybody can do, but there are some jobs that only a believer can do. Only a Christian can tell other people about Christ. Only a Christian can tell other people how to get to Heaven. Only a Christian can show Christ’s compassion the way Christ wants it shown.

God wants us to be indispensable. Let the people who are spiritually dead do the things that anybody can do. Choose to spend more of our life doing things that only we can do.

There’s a lot of stuff we can spend the rest of our life doing that isn’t going to matter at all when we get to Heaven.

But there is something we can do that will make an eternal difference. Is anybody going to be in Heaven because of us? What kind of legacy are we going to leave? The greatest legacy is having somebody come up to you in Heaven and say, “I’m here because of YOU!” That’s using our life in a valuable way.

My Challenge for us today is to spend our time on something that will last for eternity!

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