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Move from Knowledge to Trust

Moving from what we know about God to what we Trust about God!

There are 18 inches between our head and heart. But, unfortunately, some people will miss Heaven by those 18 inches. They know God in their heads but not in their hearts. They intellectually believe the Gospel, but they’ve never let it change their hearts and how they live daily.

I went to school a long time, a total of 17 years. Honestly, I’ve forgotten much of what I learned during that time. But I’ve never forgotten the most important truth I’ve ever learned. I was made by God. I was made for God. Until I understood that, life really never made sense. We were not made for our own sake.

The Bible says, “Some of these people have missed the most important thing in life — they don’t know God” (1 Timothy 6:21).

We can be the most educated people on the planet. But if we don’t know God, we’ve missed the purpose of our life. At the end of our life, God will give us a final test. Here’s the good news. It’ll be an open-book exam. All the answers are in the Bible.

On that test, God won’t ask us what we have degree’s in. He won’t care how well we did in our career. He won’t ask to see our bank account balance. Instead, he’ll ask us this: Did you get to know me? Did you build a relationship with His Son who He sent to Earth to die on the cross for you?

My Challenge for us today is to direct our head knowledge to a heart knowledge of Jesus Christ so our trust in Him grows.

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