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Deal or No Deal

I recently watched a holiday episode of the hit T.V. show Deal or No Deal. As most of these hi-intensity shows do, it captivated my attention with a touching story of the contestants life and misfortunes that have led them to where they are now. They give a great story of how this opportunity could change their life. As the show gets going, the contestant has to eliminate a few cases at a time to hopefully be left with the case the has 1 million dollars in it.

As they go back and forth based on which cases they pick the show makes them a cash offer and then asks them Deal or No Deal. This got me thinking, how many times in life do we play this scenario out with God. We have all these decisions in life that we get to make on our journey. Some of these choices don’t hurt us too bad. We may pick the metaphorical case that only has the $5 in it. We begin to feel ok with our choices and get a little confidence in how we are living our life becasue it was just a little bump in the road. And there is God waiting on us and asking us to make the Deal and have everlasting life, or take the No Deal and keep taking the chances of life along the way.

Before you know it you could be hit with that big blow of a decision in life that costs you greatly, and you feel like all is lost. But there is God, waiting just as the banker on the show, to make a deal with you. God’s requirements are pretty simple, make the commitment to live for him and you no longer have to play the chance game of life. You have a guaranteed reward in life and in Heaven through our heavenly Father Jesus Christ. Take every opportunity to thank God for your blessings and the guarantee you have in life through him!

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