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In the Fire

No one likes those times when stress gets turned up, deadlines mount, and expectations seem unreachable. But sometimes God uses heat in our life to burn off the stuff that’s tying us down. We just need to trust God through the pain.

What’s got us tied up? What’s limiting us from being all God meant for us to be?

God can use the trials in our life to eliminate what’s holding us back.

God says in Isaiah 48:10, “I have refined you but not in the way silver is refined. Rather, I have refined you in the furnace of suffering.”

It’s highly unlikely we’ll literally go through a fiery furnace in our life, but we’ll go through the furnace of suffering many, many times. God will refine us with that fire. It’s like silver and gold. When they heat it up, they get rid of impurities. Then you’re left with 100 percent gold or 100 percent silver.

If we ask a silversmith how to know when silver is pure, he’ll tell us it happens when we can see our reflection while looking into the cauldron.

God knows we’re purified when he can see his own reflection in us. We look more Christ like.

It’s the fire that does that. My Challenge for us today is to choose to allow Jesus to change us by asking Him to bring us through the fire and not around it.

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