Adopted by Christ

Recently at Prayer Group we talked of adoption. We talked about being adopted and heirs of Christ. In all of this I have been brought to tears. I have wept and I now understand a little more of God’s love. I’m not fully understanding of it. I don’t know his full heart but even the littlest glimpses are enough to change from the inside out.

The heartbreak that a person goes through the trials and testimonies they have to adopt a child, I never once thought about it. I did not realize how it all works. I learned about the things that they have to go through during the adoption process. I heard about the back-and-forth and the loneliness. They do not have control. They have to let someone else be in complete control.

Got wanted to teach me that I need to let go of control. I have been that spoiled child or that broken child that was taken from the orphanage out of darkness. I’ve been resentful and I’ve been hurt. I’ve been broken but in the midst of it all he still loved me. He still took the time to come and see me every day. He still took the time to stay at my bedside until He can finally be my father until I finally accepted him,

I broke down and cried and I worried that I wasn’t good enough. The world had chewed me up and spit me out and rejected me. But in all of this I’m learning He did everything to find me and to show me that I was His and He would always be there for me he would never abandon me never for sake me.

Galatians 4:7