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Fear is a Liar

We recently took a family trip to Fritz’s Adventure here in town. For those who haven’t been, it’s a 5 story indoor agility and adventure park. There are ropes courses 30-40 feet in the air, zip lines, tunnels and slides all over. It is a young person’s dream for running and playing.

Just recently my oldest child found out she was now tall enough to get to do all the “Big Kid” stuff. She could now do the zipline, ropes course, and climb the rock wall. As I took her up for the first time on the ropes course, we completed some obstacle courses elevated 2 to 3 stories off the ground. To my surprise, she did great and didn’t have any hesitations, until we made it over to the zip line. They sent me across first to help catch her on the other side, and as I looked back to encourage her I saw her mouth moving as if too be talking to someone. As she reached my side of the Zipline I asked what she was saying. She informed me that as she reached the edge and was about to go, she got a little scared so she began to just speak out loud “Fear is a Liar”

What does it take for us as adult to have the faith of a child? To speak to our fears and our mountains in life and have them removed. There are so many times in life that we quickly just say it too much, or too hard and we look else where in life. But instead if we can just approach life with the faith of a child our fears and mountains will crumble in front of us.

Be encouraged today to walk in a faith that your God can remove those things that seem too much in life for us to handle.

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