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Walk Away

Pastor Chris Brooks, was preaching recently about the lame man outside the temple that Peter and Paul healed. It made me think of a couple of things. One they told the man that neither gold or silver they had but from what they did have they would give him. (Acts 3:1-9)

Peter and Paul were not consumed to fill their pockets with the status symbol of society. They weren’t preoccupied with obtaining wealth or focused on money as a means to an end. They had built their spirits… they filled their hearts with the Word of God and had allowed the Holy Spirit to fill them wholly. So, how did they fill or build up their spirits? At the feet of Jesus, they learned from the Master. They received instruction form the One that was, is and is to come. Today we can “learn” from the Master by spending prayer time in our homes and churches with Jesus and His Word.

Peter and Paul were heading to temple to learn more of God’s Word. They were headed to worship Him and bring Him their living sacrifice. However, the miracle didn’t happen within the temple itself. The man laid at the temple door – unable to enter. Because nothing in God’s Word is placed there randomly (read slowly), this made me think of where most of the miracles of the Bible took place. They took place on the road, on the banks of the Dead Sea, by the outdoor pools of Bethesda and near the temples, not many (you Bible scholars correct me if I’m wrong) happened inside the temple. Of course, many that received their healing went to the temple to give thanks.

So the church is the place where we come to learn to be fed and filled by the Holy Spirit, where we come to give thanks and worship the Everlasting Father. We’ve all seen great miracles take place at the alters, but are you taking it with you? Are you filling up at church so that you can pour out in the streets? There are so many that won’t enter the church doors but need His grace, mercy and healing.

When you leave church or on your own time with Jesus, you should have so much of the Holy Spirit with you that it’s easy to see miracles happen in your life. Laying hands and healing physically, spiritually or emotionally should be part of our common day. Brining a word of encouragement to someone at the exact needed moment it is needed should be commonplace.

Walk away from the alters carrying the Holy Spirit with you, don’t leave Him there. You may be the only temple some will ever approach.

Walk Away

Walk away from My House, don’t stand and watch My children walk by

Walk away child go to your brothers and sisters, catch them as they fall

Walk away from yourself from what you think you know

Walk away in My shadow take me with you

Walk away beyond your walls beyond your comfort

Walk away in Love find My lost – bring them love

Walk away to the ends of the earth every tribe

Walk away to this very nation

Walk away to the harvest field I’ve laid out before you

Walk away beyond your weakness to my strength

Walk away from My House … go to my Heart.

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