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See Him, Know Him, Love Him Part 1 Let's Not Miss the Point

Have you ever been in love? I’m not talking about a trifling, little fling. Noo. . . I mean, have you ever come face to face with the real thing and that certain someone in a moment so grand that you staggered away from the encounter knowing that it had forever changed you? Incredible, Isn’t it? In a heartbeat, everything changes! Who you were doesn’t matter; that gets swallowed up in dreams of who you could be, will be with your new love at your side! The past is forgotten as you hope and trust for what’s to come. Suddenly everything is possible, everything is new. Especially you!

Yes, true love is God’s greatest surprise. Throughout our lives, He blesses us with relationships that give us small tastes of it. But, He’s setting us up for something. Just like a parent feeds a child bites of good food until they develop a taste for it, God develops in us the longing for deeper, loving relationships. He has an agenda. You see, God is a matchmaker. He knows what

See Him, Know Him, Love Him Part1 Let’s not miss the Point

we need, and He has the perfect suitor in mind for us. Although we get ourselves all confused and misled in the process, God’s plan is simple. He places in us a hunger, then He orchestrates a meeting with His Son Jesus through the drawing and wooing power of the Holy Ghost. His hopes are simply that when the Holy Ghost draws us and we catch a vision of Jesus, we will fall desperately in love. Unashamed to be in love with Christ, different than we ever thought possible, alive beyond our most vivid dreams; These are the dreams that God has for us as we give ourselves over to hunger for His Son. Here’s the truth of the ages: Love for Jesus is the point of it all. Jesus is who God the Father was looking at when He verbalized the idea “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness.” If God the Father looked at Jesus and wanted nothing more than for the love that They had between them to spread (that means God decided to grow a family through “Christ in us, the hope of glory”), then how can anything else other than Jesus be the point?

See Him. Know Him. Love Him. Anything else is false religion.

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