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See Him, Know Him, Love Him Part 2 The Example of Paul

Jesus told the Pharisees that they searched the scriptures thinking that they would find eternal life in them but that they had missed the point and searched in vain: that the scriptures were all given to testify of Him. He is the point, the singular focus of all eternity. An example of missing the point: Paul was proud that he was trained on Mars Hill by Gamaliel (an intellectual leader of the Jews). He was also quite grieved by the fact that he had been instrumental in killing thousands of new converts while trying to stamp out Christianity in its infancy. However, if we look at Acts 5:34 we see that early on the Pharisees brought up the question of what to do with these followers of Christ who loved Him and who called themselves “The Way.” Gamaliel himself stood up and told the Sanhedrin to leave them alone. He stated that if this new movement wasn't from God, it would fall apart on its own and if it was from God, they wouldn't be able to stop it anyway.

So, what does Saul (Gamaliel's personal understudy at the time) do? He ignores Gamaliel’s wise council (and assuredly the pleading of the Holy Ghost) and decides to single-handedly try to destroy the church. The next time we see Saul in the scriptures he is holding the cloaks of the Pharisees and overseeing the stoning of Stephen. He continues to ignore Christ to the extent that Jesus personally shows up on the road to Damascus to introduce Himself. His glory is more than Saul can take in his mortal body and it knocks him down and blinds him. Jesus is finally the sole focus of Saul’s attention. Once (through the transformative power Of the Holy Ghost) Paul sees, knows, and loves Jesus (and not just intellectualizes about Him), no one gets more revelation from God (or writes more of the New Testament). If we want a real relationship with God, we must start by embracing God’s most precious gift, His Son. God’s plan for man has always been for us to see, know, and ultimately love, Christ Jesus.

Jesus implies in Mark 4 (after he gives the parable of seed being sown into various types of soil) that God intends to spread forth the Word [Christ] which He had previously kept hidden but was now revealing to all as the Kingdom of God. So “Consider carefully what you hear.” To him who hears, more will be given to hear. To him who doesn't hear, even that which he has heard will be taken away from him.

Let him that hath an ear to hear, hear what the spirit is saying to the church about Christ.

Jesus is the Key to it all.

See and hear Him. Turn your eyes and ears to nothing else. Know Him. Not just His works or His Nature, HIM. Love Him. With all your heart, soul, mind, strength: everything. Then infect everyone around you with your love for Him.

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