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Our Family

Several years ago in September, my sister, niece and I were

traveling to Rapid City, S.D for my brother's 90th

birthday. Driving from Wall, S.D. an unseasonably wind and

snow storm began to unleash itself which made it hard to keep

our van from drifting. Few vehicles were on that stretch of

road, except for two semis. One in front of us and one in

back. The one in front had "student driver" on the bumper and

he was swaying all over the road as the wind whipped him back

and forth.

Suddenly the semi behind me passed me and came along side

the student driver's semi. He stayed in the outside lane, making

a wind break so that inexperienced driver had better control of

his truck. In fact he stayed in that lane for several miles. It was

a two-lane divided highway and there was no way I could have

passed if I so desired. But at that moment the Holy Spirit put

these thoughts in my mind. Driver number two has just become

a buddy/friend to that student driver. He stayed with him as

long as was needed until the storm calmed. I seriously doubt

they knew each other since they were from different trucking

companies, but at that moment one became a true friend.

We often say that our church is a family. But are we? We greet

one another at the services, we visit when there is a church

potluck, but what about the rest of the time? I heard someone

say they had been attending a certain church for three years,

enjoyed the preaching and teaching, but no one had ever gone

out of their way to make them part of the family except at


Do we welcome a new family member by just shaking hands?

Did I get my new daughter-in-law’s name? How about her phone

number? Did I check on her when she was sick? Did I miss her

at the Christmas dinner and just let it go? I hope not. I hope

our family relationship is more than just a meet and greet. The

book of Acts tells us the Christians went from house to house

sharing their meals with gladness of heart. Sometimes we

become members of a church, but that's all it amounts too, just

a name in a book.

I'm going to try and be more pro-active when I see a church

member absent a few services. I hope to make different ones

feel a part of the family by inviting them to join me for a meal,

go shopping, play dominoes or things that I do with my blood

family. Could I encourage us all to really make our church a


Proverbs 18 tells us "there is a friend that sticks closer than a


I am so glad that some have reached out to me. I definitely want

to do the same to others.

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