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Watch our for Manipulation

Recently Pastor Linelle preached an incredible message on “the Spirit of Jezebel.” Over the last few weeks I have not been able to get this word off my mind. She talked about the characteristics of a Jezebel spirit and how to recognize its controlling nature and attacks. This got me thinking about the dangers of manipulation. Ed, Andy and I all went to see the play Samson last year. Since hearing Linelle’s message, I thought back to how Samson was an easy target for the spirit of manipulation. Because of his strength, he kept letting his guard down.

His first wife (from the land of Cana) whined, pouted, and threw a fit until he revealed the answer of a riddle to her. She told it to his enemies and soon it caused the death of her and her family. Did Samson learn his lesson? No. He then fooled around with Delilah. Soon, this new woman in his life was making obvious attempts to learn the source of his strength in God and was clearly trying to deliver him to his enemy.

Samson should have run like crazy. Instead he thought that he was strong enough to handle her manipulative ways in his own power. But, the tricks of the Devil are nothing to play games with. Ironically, poor, cocky Samson had to be blinded before he would see the truth. The best thing to do when you feel a manipulative attack is run to God. Don’t try to beat the Devil by playing his games. He'll make a fool out of you. As commanded by Christ in the Lord’s Prayer, Let’s pray that we be led not into temptation but be delivered daily from evil.

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