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Let Time Stand Still

How often do we look at the clock on a daily basis? Beyond that, how often do we let the clock dictate our mood or anxiety level. I know personally there are so many times in life that I catch myself letting the time on earth dictate what I do, how I feel, and even stress over it. It is so easy to let the world and its expectation of getting so many things done creep in on us that we start to bump the priority of things to spend time in the wrong areas.

Take a moment today and prioritize some things in your life and see where you are spending your time. Are you putting emphasis in the right areas? Are we happy with our daily lives? The Bible tells us to work and minister as we wait for his return, so as you look back at your time spent are those two things evident in your daily life?

It is great and necessary for us to spend some time on ourselves to have the Word in us and grow in our relationship with Christ, but are we fulfilling and making time in our daily lives for his ministry that he created us for? Be encouraged today to step back and examine life and your time and see where it is being spent. Maybe it is balanced right and you just need an encouragement saying well done, but just maybe you will find something in life that is creeping in and trying to steal some time or your focus.

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