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Read Genesis 24

This last year I’ve gone to God several times about my kids. And all this he started saying unity, alignment. It snowballed from there. I have felt the urgency to pray over my kids and to get back on track. Then God spoke the name Rebecca to me. I didn’t understand it so I went searching. Rebecca was promised to Isaac a good godly man and she was a good godly woman. But after she had Esau and Jacob there is dissension. Isaac had a favorite, Rebecca had a favorite. Rebecca wanted Jacob to have the blessing due to Esau. She stated don’t tell your father I will take the blame. In doing this God opened my eyes that I have created a generational curse in my children. I was saying don’t tell dad that he will be upset so let’s just keep it between us. That’s how I would justify it. It broke my heart and I repented asking God for forgiveness and to remove it from my children. In class I realized I often heard it from my mother and still do to this day. Now is the time to pray and break the generational curses.

Now is the time friends to look and to not turn a blind eye or just think well it’s a coincidence or think that it wasn’t meant for you now is the time to search and to realize that we’re not just playing a game. This is life and death, this is heaven and hell, this is the struggle. Today friends look into your heart and ask yourself, do I have any of these curses in my life?

I remember telling Marda a month ago some people were raised in church and they talk about a tough pillar they had to destroy in their life with God. Often times I come to these pillars and I am reminded that I wasn’t raised in church because while building them I have fortified them with concrete and steel and barbwire and razor sharp points. While I was praying I was

thinking about Rebecca and I saw God start at the bottom. He started digging through the dirt and the mud. He started pulling apart all of these things it was this pillar of a generational curse and it was enough to bring me to tears I realized I had built this and yet God loved me enough to go through the pain to pull back out a thorn in my side. I tell you today dear brothers and sisters if God can do it for me he can surely do it for you. He is willing to dig you out because he loves you beyond all measure.

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