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Oh What Love!

The man Jesus, the Son of Man, the Christ, The Son of God, God Himself, the Word, giving Himself in Love for our redemption, our way back home to himself. Oh, What Love!

Oh, what suffering, oh what judgement for our sin He took on Himself to save us. Oh, what love! Oh, what mercy, the total laying down of His life in order to provide life for us saving us from eternal death. Oh, What Love! The torture imaginable for our sake to pardon us from the just punishment for rejecting His love in the garden. Oh, What Love!

Now we are free to receive this eternal love by giving our lives to Him, laying them down for His sake and the Gospel’s. He knew in the beginning who would be His in the end. Will you be on of His? Oh, What Love?

John 3:16 (Bro. Shib says so)

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