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The Kin Beloved!

Have you expressed your appreciation of others? Have you exercised friendliness unto others? ... we are encouraged by the Word to extend love to one another... love-ing in our dealings. Sometimes just taking a little longer time (probably time you don’t have), to hear someone, could be the very thing they want or need. The Word says to be hearers and doers of it. Being still enough to hear from God, and/or lingering to hear the heart of someone can be harder than busy-ing in the doing of a task! It takes concentration, attention and a quiet mind to hear and digest the words being spoken and shared... kinda like studying. As we have gone thru a few classes now in church, with very good courses; I am loving and appreciating and valuing every single person the Lord is connecting me with. Younger, older, and everything in between...I just love who each is to me, and the personal privilege of being “something -someone” in their lives! I am rich with brothers and sisters who add so much to my life. It matters how our spiritual kin are doing. We are to fan and urge each other unto a better day! We are to live peaceably without contentions or envy. I give thanks to the Lord for the wondrous things He is doing among us, thru us, and in us. Rejoice and be glad for the Lord is good. Again I say: Rejoice!!

Songs of Songs 8:10-13 the Passion Bible

But now I have grown and become a bride, and my love for him has made me

a tower of passion and contentment for my beloved.

I am now a firm wall of protection for others,

guarding them from harm.

This is how he sees me —I am the one who brings him bliss,

finding favor in his eyes.

My bridegroom-king has a vineyard of love

made from a multitude of followers.

His caretakers of this vineyard

have given my Beloved their best.

But as for my own vineyard of love,

I give it all to you forever.

And I will give double honor

to those who serve my beloved

and have watched over my soul.

My beloved, one with me in my garden,

how marvelous that my friends, the brides-to-be,

now hear your voice and song.

Let me now hear it again.

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