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Recently I was reading Genesis, especially the story of Cain and Able. Most people focus on how Able provided his best for the Lord. Due to the jealousy of his brother he was murdered. True, Cain didn’t give his best to the Lord and succumbed to his darkest desire by killing his brother. But even in his darkest moment, God gave them the promise of protection. Cain was worried that he would be killed for what he did to his brother. God told him that he would curse anyone that would harm a hair on his head 7 times over. Marking him so all would know.

The story always reminds me of God’s faithfulness. God’s love for us is all encompassing even when we fall he is faithful to us. In time, Cain married and had children including Enoch who we all know served God and never tasted death. I’m not saying to live like hell thinking God will still keep you back. I’m saying that even when we’ve fallen into the darkest of ourselves God will be there to restore us.

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