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I've Just Read a Good Book

Perhaps my favorite past time is reading and writing. There was a time when Inspirational books became quite popular. Those circular book racks could be found in many places. I did then and still do enjoy autobiographies from other Christians and especially missionaries. I could often read one of those paperback books in one day. One snowbound winter, I said, "Lord, I sure wish I had a good book to read". He said, "You do. In fact 66 books are right at your fingertips". I had read the entire Bible several times in different ways, but I got the point when the Holy Spirit whispered those words. I thought what if I start from the beginning of the Bible and read each book, like I did those autobiographies. So, I did. I found those books took on a different meaning when I would read each book in its entirety. I couldn't read every book at one sitting, but several I could. Heretofore, reading the entire Bible in one year often had me skipping from O.T. to N.T. But this way was so interesting I read the entire Bible in 3 months time. It wasn't a race against the calendar, but that's how my winter reading turned out. The before and after chapters often were connecting stories and made more sense. Now, I'm trying to do as Pastor Sam slowly. I still often read an entire book at one sitting, even though not chronologically. It has to be a pretty good book on the market for me to read it more than once. But I can read the Bible over and over and it never gets boring. I find something new every time. 2 Timothy 3:16...ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for........(whatever you need) my words in parenthesis.

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