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Looking Unto Jesus Part 1

In Hebrews 1, the Apostle Paul tells us about the supremacy of God’s son, Jesus Christ.

He tells us that:

  • Jesus is the heir of all things (v 2)

  • Jesus is the one who fulfilled the wishes of the Father by creating the worlds (v2)

  • Jesus is the brightness of God’s glory (v3)

  • Jesus is the image of the Father expressed in flesh (v3)

  • Jesus is the one who can purge us of all our sins (v3)

  • Jesus upholds all things through the power of His Word (v3). After all, He is the Word!

  • In gladness, the Father anointed Jesus above all others for Jesus loved righteousness [right standing and relationship with God the Father] and hated iniquity [anything that would separate Him from His Father] (v9)

  • Christ’s throne, His kingdom, and His righteousness would all remain forever (v8).

  • Even when the Heavens, the Earth, and all that are in them wear out like an old garment and God decides to fold them up and put them away; Jesus will still shine brightly by His side (vs 11-12)

  • God the Father has invited Jesus to sit at His right hand and reside in the ultimate place of glory while He [God the Father] turns all of Jesus enemies into His footstool (v13)

Paul goes through the entire book of Hebrews worshiping Jesus and teaching in this same manner. He talks in chapter 11 about those heroes of faith who lived lives of trust without having received The Promise but praises God that we have been chosen to complete through Christ what they started. In chapter 12, he turns his attention to us.

“Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of ourfaith.”

That is how Paul urges us to run our race.

Yes, there will be clouds of witnesses watching us, but… Look to Jesus

Weights of this world will try to bog us down, but... Look to Jesus

Sin will try to reattach itself to us, but… Look to Jesus

We patiently run our race this way because “Looking to Jesus” isn’t a key to the race; LOOKING TO JESUS ISTHE RACE.

Did we run to Him or from Him? Did we stand for Him or against Him? Was Jesus the compelling vision that drew us to God or were we content trying to sit on a throne of our own making? These are the questions that will determine our eternity.


Father God, would you please reveal Jesus to me in a fresh, intimate way today? I love You but I want to love you more. Since Jesus is the fullness of the Trinity expressed mightily in flesh, Holy Ghost, please help me to see and know Him better. Give me the opportunity to spend my day “Looking unto Jesus”. He’s all I need to see and know the Father. Amen.

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