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Looking Unto Jesus Part 3 What Every Storm Every Challenge of Life Boils Down To

The Bible teaches that when the serpent approached Eve in the Garden, he subtly had one question for her: What is the true nature of God? He phrased it this way: “Hath God not said?” In other words, he was asking her, Did I just hear God right? Did he

really say not to eat anything from these trees? So… He’s put you down here to starve…. Subtle. Subtle indeed.

The Bible refers to Satan as the accuser of the brethren. This is because he brings our faults up before God and tries to slander us. But make no mistake, we are not his real target. God is. Satan wouldn’t dare accuse or attack God to his face. He’s way too afraid. He tried that once and lost miserably. No. What he does instead is attack God’s character and His Word through us. You see, we are the only ones in Creation who were given free will. We are the only ones who can shake our fists in anger against God, curse His Name, impugn His character, and for a while, seem to get by with it. Yes, the Devil accuses us in front of God, hoping to get God to cast us out and destroy us. Misery loves company. But even more often, he accuses God in front of us.

In every storm of life, the Devil will be there to slander the nature of God. Every test boils down to one line of thought:

Who should I look to in this mess? me or God?

Who understands the situation better, me or God?

Who has my best interests at heart, me or God?

Who is better suited to be in control, me or God?

Who should achieve my holiness through the marvelous works that are done, me or God?

When all is said and done, who should be the focus, get the glory, hear the praise, and wear the crown:

Me or God?

This is the Devil’s primary strategy. He wants to set us against God. He essentially wants us to become disillusioned with God, wrongly try to wrestle control away from God, and be cast down the same way he and all who rebel against God will be.

So, in every storm, every battle, one question emerges. The question is Jesus Christ Himself. Do I know Him? Can I recognize Him in the middle of the storm? Can I trust Him? Is he

a good God or bad? Do I love Him? Should I take control or yield everything over to Him?

God has issued this call to His children: Do you know me?Most of the world believes that it is “all about me.” Although we won’t admit it, much of the church world feels the same. It is “all about me” (and my salvation, healing, holiness, prosperity, sanctification, mental health, personal growth, etc.). Although God draws us into relationship out of love, It is not all about us.

‘It’ (life, time, the universe, everything) is all about “Looking Unto Jesus”, discovering who He is, falling continually (and deliberately) in love with Him, and then living the life that reflects who He is to the world so they can be drawn by the Holy Ghost to do the same. Anything else is false religion and will crumble in time. Keep

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