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"Their Faith"

Probably many of us have heard the story of the men who lowered their friend into the house through the ceiling so that their friend could have some time with Jesus to receive healing. Jesus seeing this man’s friend’s faith, Jesus looked at him and said

Luke 5:20When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend your sins are forgiven.”

The part I want to focus on is where He said “their faith” referring to the fact he recognized that his friends knew the healing power of Jesus. He also knew the importance of their friend being in His presence. His presence could save him and heal him.

So, I ask this, who is it in your life that needs saved or healed and what are you doing about it? By that I mean how hard are you working to get them into the presence of the Lord. Whether that means getting them in church or spending time in prayer. Thesemen were willing to rip off the roof of a house belonging to someone they didn’t know. A house where their friend could spend some time with Jesus. Are you willing to offer to pick your friend up, talk about it at work, have hard conversations?

What is keeping you from getting that person the appointment they need with God?

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