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Love the Sunshine

I was driving around town the other day and saw something that made me think. It wasn’t a cloudy stormy day by any means but it also wasn’t a sunny cloudless sky. As looked up I was able to see the sun clearly behind several layers of clouds. The yellow ball floating there beautifully shining down on me. It made me think about the Son.

When life is good and there are no trials or challenges immediately lurking we feel His warmth on us. We feel like we’re walking on sunshine and don’t really need to acknowledge it. When storm clouds roll in and life is hard, miserable and unsteady we cling to the hope that just above the storm clouds the Son still shines and He’ll get us through.

It’s those in between times when life is ok but not perfect that we can see him clearly. There is sunshine, you know testimonies of the good He’s done for us but also just a few clouds to allow us to focus and see His radiant face. All in all seeing the sun clearly that day reminded me that the Son is always with me… and with you. Love the Sonshine!

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