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Stop Walking

Now therefore stand and see this great thing, which the Lord will do before your eyes. 1 Samuel 12:16

First Samuel records a time when Israel wanted a king to reign over them. When Samuel addressed them about their request for a king, He made sure they understood that the Lord God was their king. They may have requested an earthly king, but God in Heaven was king of all. Samuel also made it clear they were to fear the Lord, serve, him and obey his voice (v.14), not just the people but the king too. The Israelites were busy worrying about life, but Samuel admonished them in verse 16 to stand still. In the stillness, they would see God move. And they did. God sent thunder and rain that day just as Samuel had prayed. Verse 18 says, and all the people greatly feared the Lord and Samuel.

Life gets busy for all of us. Days bring many things: depression or happiness, pain or health, peace or fear. It is how we handle the things that come our way that define us. Samuel’s warning to fear the Lord, serve Him and obey His voice is the way we should live our lives today.

Many of you are aware that our grandson was lost at Silver Dollar City for over 45 minutes. We learned many things from this experience. One of those things is that most big business have a 10-minute rule. Security will not shut down any rides or doors or even really get involved in the search until after 10 minutes have passed. Most children are found close to where their parents last saw them within 10 minutes. It is after 10 minutes have passed that things become gravely concerning. When we received the call from our daughter-in-law that he was lost, we immediately went to battle. Largely and loudly we pled

the blood of Jesus. God’s voice in my heart was loud and clear. Pray! Plead the blood! Rebuke the devil!

We jumped in the car and speed (very fast I might say) toward Silver Dollar City. We didn’t even stop to get our tickets. We were headed to the exit. No one, I mean no one was going to exit that place with my grandson in tow! As we drove, the spiritual battle was intense. Over and over again Satan put thoughts in my mind about human trafficking, abuse, murder and so on. I tell the kids in children’s church that if Satan can control your thoughts he can control you. I refused to listen and continued to loudly claim safety for 4-year old Corbin. I loudly pled the blood of Jesus over him and commanded Satan as firmly and loudly as I could to let go of my grandson. I reminded him rather forcefully that he could not cross the blood line and Corbin was covered in the blood of Jesus!

Just as we arrived in the parking lot at SDC, Kendra called us to tell us that Corbin had been found. I was shaking from the battle in the car but was careful to thank the Lord for His protection. When we were able to gather ourselves and calm down enough to drive safely we headed back home. We talked about Corbin walking all the way from the ball pit area up a big hill to the pottery barn. What had that been like for him? He is small and looking at the world from down around everyone’s knees would be strange. I had a picture in my mind of him wandering along with the crowd, up the hill, in the direction everyone else was going, not knowing where he was headed but just walking. The more he walked, the farther he got from his parents. He walked and walked until he didn’t know where he was. He didn’t know where his family was and it wasn’t until he stopped walking that he was able to ask for help.

The “busy”-ness of life is like Corbin’s wandering walk. We just get in the flow of life and keep going until it is not long until we have drifted away from what God wants for our life. The negative things in life become the “norm” and we have

wandered so far that God’s voice is lost in the busy part of life. Just like Samuel told the Israelites, stand and see this great thing, which the Lord will do before your eyes. You must be still to see it. You must be still to hear His voice. Stop “walking” through life. Stop and listen today. Thank you Lord for Corbin’s safety!

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes. Psalm 37:7

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