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What is Truth?

What is truth? I have often wondered how Pilate asked this question. What was his tone of voice? What kind of expression did he have on his face? Was the question a joke? Was it cynical? Was Pilate pensive for a minute?

Was Pilate concerned for truth? If he cared about the truth, knowing the truth, he certainly didn’t care much about doing the truth. To declare that Jesus was without fault and then turn him over to a murderous mob was to slaughter the truth.

Pilate judged the truth. He sentenced the truth. He crucified the truth. The irony is that at the moment he asked the question, “What is truth?” he was staring at the pure truth. The one who is the truth had just said to him, “Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice.” Pilate missed that voice. The words bounced off his ears. Pilate abandoned the “truth.”

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