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The Holy Ghost Part 3 See for Yourself

Some may brag that their parents are well educated. Others may boast of wealth, good breeding or fame. I can top that. I can truly say that my Dad knew God. There is nothing that I would trade this heritage for. Dad knew God. Not just His mighty works, not just His attributes, HIM! He would pray hours every day and God was almost never off of his mind. If you met my dad, you’d walk away knowing there was something different about him. Ministers would call him all the time for guidance, bible study, prayer etc.

One time, Dad decided to write a book on the Holy Ghost. For three or four years he prayed, he studied, he listened, he compiled notes. No joking, he had several bushel baskets laying around the house with notes in them. One morning, Mom and I heard someone moving around the house and we got out of our beds to see dad putting all of his notes in storage. “What are you doing, Daddy? Those are for your book!” He pulled me close and told me that God had told him not to finish writing it. God told him that he had already written everything in the Bible. “There’s only one Bible and it’s enough.” He told me that in his enthusiasm he had wanted to help people out but that God had corrected him and told him that those who got hungry enough to seek Him and keep seeking Him would find the Holy Ghost. He’s simply too big to miss.

I hope that everything the pastors write in this month’s devotional teach us. I pray that we learn from each other’s testimony to honor and yield to the Holy Ghost.

But the bigger truth is, there comes a point where God wants you to learn from Him. Heart to heart, His Spirit to yours. As King David so greatly put it, “Taste and see. The Lord is Good. Blessed is the man who trusts in Him. I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me.” What will you have to tell this next generation coming up about the greatness of the Holy Ghost? What can you say to point to His goodness? How many times has He spoken to your heart in times of need? Please feel free to stop me in the hall and talk about Him. I want to know how your love for Him is growing each day. As He shows you new glimpses of Christ, Share them. Ultimately, we want to share them with the world but always feel free to practice on each other. We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony so, please!

Yield to Him then share what happens. Taste and see for yourself what the Holy Ghost has prepared for only you.

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