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Stormy Seas

In the book of Mark chapter 4 we find the story of Jesus and the disciples on their boat as a storm comes up. As the story goes, the disciples wake Jesus and he speaks to the storm is calmed. The Bible never says that we will live a storm free life, we are always going to have challenges and hard times come up. Actually, as we get closer in our walk with God the more storms and trials we will have as the devil tries to derail our relationship. I find it interesting how many times we want him to completely take the storm away in life just as he did for the disciples on the boat. In verse 40 He makes a comment to the disciples though that has sparked my thoughts. He asks them...

Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

I believe he knew it was storming and I fully believe he planned to keep them safe even if he had done nothing to calm the storm he was going to bring them through it. Sometimes in our life he does not always take the storm completely away but rather he uses it as a test of our faith.

Even if the storm is not completely taken away are we going to trust him and lean on him as we go through the trials of life? He has a plan for our life. An amazing and wonderful plan. Storms will pop up, but continue to trust in God through it all and he will see you through!

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