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Those Round About You...They Are Waiting

Heroes of the Christian faith can be a Noah, a David, Ruth, Paul or Silas. Or how about the little boy who used his lunch to feed the multitude? Some people would say Bill Graham… about you…… who would you say?

Well, what about Edward Kimble or another guy, Scott Schulte? Edward Kimble was a regular ordinary guy that was a shoe salesman who worked alongside a fellow named Dwight. Edward took time and shared Jesus Christ with Dwight, and Dwight accepted Jesus Christ has his Savior. It was in taking a little timeto share about God’s love and why Jesus came to earth that Edward Kimble lead Dwight Moody to the Lord. From that point on Dwight L. Moody became one of the world’s great evangelist.

Who are you walking next to? Who are those people that live in the house next door? Are you aware of the condition of the person’s life that you work with? Have you asked God to bring a lost sinner to you in order for you to share God’s love?

Psalm 2:8 “Ask me, and I shall give thee the Nation’s for thine inheritance……”

Like Edward Kimble, God sent a man into my life 43 years ago that changed my whole life. Then, or at that time, I was lost, confused, and far from God. Scott Schulte shared his heart with me about Jesus. Two weeks later I remember getting on my knees in the front room of my home that I was living in and repenting and asking Jesus into my heart.


AskGod to give you someone to talk to.

Seekout and lookaround for that very one.

Thenknockgently on the person’s heart……the love of the Father.

You can!!!

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