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My Testimony for the Month

There is a verse in Revelation that says that the saints “Overcame him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” As I previously stated in an earlier devotion, every test and trial that we go through gives us an opportunity to glorify the steadfast, awe-inspiring character of God. We should always be ready with a testimony about God’s goodness. Here’s a recent one from my personal family.

Several weeks ago, I was at work when my phone rang. I’m not supposed to answer it at work except in case of emergencies, so I quietly hit a button on my phone that said, “text me.” Imagine my surprise when thirty seconds later I received this text from my youngest daughter Ashley:

“Dad. Horrifying storm in Rolla. Terrified. Please. PRAY. NOW.”

Fifteen seconds later I was in the men’s restroom calling on Jesus to “just be Jesus.” “Just do the stuff you do LORD, You’re always enough.” After about two minutes of prayer, I felt a release in my spirit so I called Ashley to talk to her. She said that just a few moments earlier, the storm ripped a 75 year old oak tree out of the ground on the right side of their house, turned it over on its side, carried it across their roof and dropped it in the small space between the left side of their house and their neighbors. She said It was like hands had placed it there with surgical precision. No one was hurt and nothing of theirs was damaged.

Folks, God still rules over the storm. Learn to cry out to Him. Prayer is not a spiritual exercise; it is our conduit to the safety of God’s Spirit. Pray. Teach your children and grandchildren to pray. God is ever faithful. Call on him.

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