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Today You Can

I was reading this story the other day and I was impressed. There was a child that was a couple months premature being born and he wasn’t breathing. Well, the doctors gave him a heavy dose of oxygen to save his life but the life preserving oxygen caused Kent to be blind.

Although their son was sight-impaired Kent’s parents were determined that he not be life impaired. They taught him to do virtually everything other children did: he loved challenges. Climbing trees, riding a bike, and yes, going to school. He has some mishaps as all of us do, but he was also a straight A student and a Boy Scout. His favorite reading book was Golden Book of Astronomy.

Well, as life went forward so did Kent. Kent graduated valedictorian of his high school class, was Phi Beta Kappa in College, and earned a doctorate in Physics. In his early twenties, he submitted a computer model to NASA that improved the space shuttles radar system.

Today, Kent Culler is one of NASA’s most creative and productive scientists. Unlike many blind folks who grow up being told what they cannot do, Kent Culler grew to believinghe could accomplish anything, and doing something drove him.

I can…..

I will…..

I know….

As he thinks in his heart, so he is!

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