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More Ponderings From Kathy

“Because you live I can face tomorrow.” Lam. 3:2

Because I know who holds my future…so now tomorrow is today and I love the peace knowing He’s there to holdthis tomorrow and will be there again tomorrow.

Yesterday,(Wednesday) I had a rough day due only to my words and actions of which I was ashamed of. All day I beat myself up so by time to go to church, I had to make myself drive over. I didn’t feel worthy to be there…. then we sang Because He Lives!

I stopped beating myself up and received His grace and mercy. Lam 3:23and I focused on peace. Lam. 3:23 “His compassions (mercies) never fail. They are new every morning.” With that promise, I know He has my future tomorrow’s, and I can face today which was my future yesterday.

Thank you Jesus!

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