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Let Me Count the Ways

When I think of the many ways innumerable times when approaching the singular thing they all have is my need of You in spite my state Defender Protector Companion Teacher Healer Restorer Peace-Giver Judge Emancipator Helper Beloved Savior

The Way The Truth and The Light Beams of You, secured enlightenment straitened paths thru a pondering time as the Word is read and drops in heart! ... agitations fall away as Your Spirit falls like rain!

Once again I bring to you prayer recycled in new words I’m clothed in praise of THANKFULNESS. Unrobed from sadness and deflation grave attire I’ll wear no more! In You divine expectancy arises and with your savor I want more! Job 37:23-24 “Mighty God! Far beyond our reach! Unsurpassable in power and justice! It’s unthinkable that he’d treat anyone unfairly. So bow to him in deep reverence, one and al! If you’re wise, you’ll most certainly worship him.”

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