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Small Things

In today’s society, we are told and taught that money can buy anything. In economics class in college we defined power as wealth. Today 90% of divorces and family problems stem from financial issues. Jesus speaks about money more than Heaven or hell. I often sit in church and say, “God, use me more. Show me your will.” Then it dawned on me. Why would God trust me in a position of leadership or show me great and grand plans when He can’t even trust me with the small things. Money is man-made but yet so many times I refuse to submit to God’s Will and tithe. God tells us to trust Him and to test Him with this small thing. Why would He open grand doors of His Kingdom and His ministry to someone who doesn’t trust Him at His of tithing 10%. If we want the flood gates of God’s power, we must have the faith to unlock His gift and the first place to start is in our tithing. Malachi 3

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