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Root and Fruit

How is your aim?... I guess it depends really on what we are shooting for. The topic for me is Faith, Faith aimed at the wrong target is worthless. Faith that is based simply on your personal gain can really end up leaving you empty. I can share countless stories of people who appear to have it all together on the outside, but on the inside are fighting battles and swimming upstream 100 mph (getting nowhere). Their focus on faith is off-target, and that comes from our relationship with God.

Now don’t take this is wrong, it is very important to work (aim) for yourself in your daily walk with Christ. However, it is equally important to aim our faith at those around us in life who are hurting or lost and don’t have a relationship with Christ. I challenge you to read Isaiah 58:6-11. We are called to serve and minister the gospel. That is where the fruit part comes into play. We must have our roots (Our own faith) planted firmly in the word, a deep unwavering root so that when the storms of life come at us we are not toppled over and beat down. A root that is so deep that when we pray, we are not scared or hesitant to ask for God to put people in our life that we can share and show our faith to (Our Fruit). Then be ready, get out there share your faith and live in the fullness of what God has for you. Hit your target!

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