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A Different Way of Thinking

Today I would like us to put everything into perspective. I say this because there will be some that I am speaking directly to and in God’s perfect timing you will be reading this at the exact time that you need it. It is far too easy to see the struggle, the oppression, and the giant standing before you. When Goliath is breathing down your neck and all you have is a prayer and a couple of rocks to throw at him we often give up.

I want to share with you something that my father has taught me and is something that has developed me into someone who doesn’t see the giant before me, but the God who is behind me. Let’s take what you are facing and put a different spin on it. One of the names of God is EL Shaddai, the meaning of this name is God Almighty. Now you need to think outside the box on this one. The God who created the Earth is the same God who is standing behind you as you are facing your Goliath. This way of thinking kind of changes things. But this is what David knew that the rest of the country of Israel didn’t think of. David knew that He was called, anointed, and whatever the case may be if God was behind Him there was nothing in front of him that was a threat. I pray that you come to the understanding that you serve a Almighty God, so don’t be discouraged but take faith in Him who is able to do the miraculous.

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