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Keep the Faith

When the challenges of life hit you head-on, looking to the Lord is sometimes the best and the only way in finding a solution to surpass the barriers of life. Let’s look at the life of a man that was loved and hated, favored and abused, tempted and trusted, noble but yet humble. His story began with a dream. A dream that brought him so much pain and suffering, but later brought him great joy. Because throughout this mans life he never gave up, never stopped believing, he never took his eyes off God. Adversity did not harden him, prosperity did not ruin him. He remained the same.

Because true prosperity is knowing that God is with you. True prosperity is keeping His vision alive in your heart, it’s not even wealth but yet God’s favor, anointing, and power that work in your life to obtain it. This was a case when tremendous difficulty came right after a significant blessing and assignment from God. Do you remember the story of Joseph’s life? If not read Genesis 37-50

Joseph believed his dreams were from the Lord and they revealed Gods purpose for his life. Joseph then told his father and brothers about his dreams. They later disowned Joseph, they thought he was arrogant. His own brothers nearly killed him and then sold him to slavery, later then he was imprisoned. Through all the years of Joseph’s trials he kept his faith, his vision kept him on track, even when faced with great temptation.

He never turned from God. Satan had attempted time and time again at the outset to destroy the purpose of God. But the very hatred and jealousy Satan stirred up in order to destroy Joseph, backfired because it did the complete opposite. With Satan’s trickery and evil ways only helped to fulfill the very dream God had given Joseph.

God showed him favor. Instead of licking his wounds and complaining Joseph found a way to serve others and minister to their needs wholeheartedly. After many trials and circumstances, Joseph was later promoted to second in charge in Egypt. All this was because The Lord was with Joseph. God did far more than Joseph could have ever imagined despite Satan’s attacks on his life. Then Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt for help but did not know their brother was ruler. Despite all Joseph had gone through because of his brothers, Joseph could have caused harm to them but instead he showed them mercy and they bowed before him. Just as Joseph long ago told his brothers when he told them his dream.

So Remember you were created for a divine purpose as well. Don’t quit believing in what God has made real to your heart. Don’t settle for anything less than knowing God’s purpose for your life. No matter how unlikely or even hopeless the situation may seem. Hold true to your faith and believe in God that he will fulfill his word concerning your life. Begin to see yourself as God sees you.

There is coming a day when those who are faithful, even to death (Revelation 2:10) will hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master" (Matthew 25:21).

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