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Vitamin D

The sun is a very powerful tool. It gives us so many great things we need to sustain life here on earth. One of those amazing things is Vitamin D which is very important for our overall health. I found it very interesting in an article I was reading for coaching the other day when it talked about spreading vitamin D to those around you. The emphasis on it was to be the good in someone’s life that you come in contact with.

Well, I very quickly came to the verse in John 8:12 where Jesus says he is “The light of the World.” So, as a Christian it became very evident to me that if I wanted those around me to have healthy lives and be stronger they needed the ultimate giver of life. If Jesus Christ is the light of the world, what better way than to have a relationship with him. If I stop and examine my day to day contacts with those around me, what am I spreading, are they seeing my relationship with Christ in my daily life? It is so easy to get caught up in the things of the world and spread negativity or engage in gossip. But in the darkness of the world, we need to share Jesus and spread the Light “Vitamin D” to the world.

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