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The Plan Has Never Changed

I work at one of the major entertainment complexes in Branson. We have a stated purpose of providing an enjoyable and memorable experiences for our guests and I’m proud to say that we succeed most of the time. We have a dedicated crew that cares about what they do, and it shows. As a part of what we do, we are always dealing with plans. We look at what we’ve done (and what we hope to do) and then we reject and reform old plans and make new ones as necessary. Things often come up unexpectedly and surprise us.

Aren’t you glad it’s not that way with God? No matter who we are or where we are in life God has only one plan for us. We were created with a need for God. We were created to respond to the drawing power of the Holy Ghost. We are fashioned as a bride for Christ and everything that God allows us to live through and experience is there to reveal the love of God to us and through us to others. Born again into His image and likeness, we are to live in fellowship with Him and to cherish Him the way He has us. Yes, God made the plan simple. But it has never needed changing.

God said in His word, “Am I a man that I should change? Am I a man that I should Lie?

Behold! My ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.” God’s plan is never wrong. It is never caught off guard. It works in all situations for all people. God’s plan is perfect and flawless. It has never needed an update and God has no plans of revising it. God’s plan is so simple it can be stated in one word: JESUS. Embrace the plan of God for your life. Get with the plan. You’ll never regret it.

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